Can you actually say that you feel great? 
Are you relying on daily medication to manage your symptoms? 
Are you curious what natural medicine might be able to do for you?

Then let us treat you!  ISIS is a complete holistic medicine and body purification clinic.  Beginning in 1944 as one woman's practice, ISIS has evolved into a comprehensive natural therapy clinic with more than 12,000 clients and 10 therapists bringing together experience, research, dedication and love.  Our therapies and natural medicines not only change your body, they will change your life.  Our 2,000 square foot clinic provides an array of unique European therapies and detoxification options that inspire you to take a break in your day from the stresses that cause symptoms and illness.  There is more to health and healing than can be found in your doctor's office... in fact the answer to many of your symptoms can be found in nature.

"The health of every cell in your body at this moment is the determining factor of how you will age and whether you will develop a life-threatening illness later in life."
     - Dr. Karen S. Clickner, R.N.D.

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Edgar Cayce Products return to ISIS

For more than 50 years, the channeled healing advice of Edgar Cayce known as the Sleeping Prophet, have helped people deal with debilitating symptoms naturally and effectively. Now these wonderful home remedies are available at ISIS. Castor Oil packs for constipation, Slippery Elm Powder for psoriasis and Leaky Gut Syndrome and even Seadine, the natural iodine for thyroid function and weight loss.  Read more ...


We're always looking at the latest videos about natural living.  Here are our current favorites:

Pill Poppers - a new BBC documentary that explores the more than 14,000 pills that we take every year.  Are they really doing what they are supposed to?

Sweet Misery - the story of Aspartame

Under Our Skin -  the hidden story of chronic Lyme Disease

The Drugging of Our Children -  the epidemic of ADD & ADHD

Killer at Large - Obesity kills.  Watch this incredible documentary clip!

  • The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Then Stop

    I had the luck of ending up behind a school bus this morning that was picking up neighborhood children and whisking them off to school.  Well, whisking is probably an optimistic assessment of what was happening.  Actually the bus was stopping at every

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  • Do You Really Have a Food Allergy?

    Let’s say that recently you began eating organic whole-milk yogurt.  After you eat it, you don’t feel so well.  Your stomach feels upset a bit.  So what do you do?  I can’t tell you how many people instantly assume they are lactose-intolerant.

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Want to read about other client's experiences?  Our online magazine by Dr. Karen Clickner, R.N.D. has hundreds of articles on every disease and condition, as well as stories of clients overcoming serious illness naturally.  Search for your condition now.

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